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Hi, Toni!

  I want to say how awesome it was to meet Christopher Jones and Mahmud Asrar, but I’m not going to do it justice.   (Spoiler: It was awesome!)

Christopher Jones is, if possible, actually kinder in person than he is on the internet.  Like, quite possibly illegally kind.  Billy Batson and Clark Kent levels of kind.  I really wanted to be articulate and accurately express how awesome he is, and how much I love how friendly he is to everyone, how attentive and aware and skilled he is.  What actually happened is I kept tripping over my words and accidentally repeating myself while my brain totally shorted out and left me to flounder.  He spent time actually talking to me, which was so cool- even though I couldn’t think of anything to say. He was also really nice and replaced the prints I’d bought from him after someone snagged my bag of prints at the con.  The most awesome thing that happened, though, was that I got accused of being a “stubborn Kryptonian” by Christopher Jones while in a supergirl costume (and then there was a Powergirl right behind me who, chimed in with, “We both are!”)  So, crowning achievement of my life right there. (Also, beautiful prints to put up and grin at- crowning life achievement number 2) TL;DR Christopher Jones is actually way more awesome than you think he is.

  Mahmud Asrar is really nice, but also, I think, kind of shy.  He was drawing when I walked up, kindly agreed to a picture, and actually listened to my incoherent rambling, which I meant to mean, ‘Thanks for drawing Supergirl like a supehero and not just beautiful or a pin-up.’  He smiled and told me that was his intention.  If you don’t know who Mahmud Asrar is, go look him up, right now.  His artwork is the reason I first picked up Supergirl.

  1. christopherjonesart said: It was a pleasure meeting you at NYCC this year. I always enjoy meeting fans, and I find it nothing but flattering when those fans are excited to meet me. And I was happy to be able to replace those damaged prints. I hope they got home safely!
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